Three Ways to Advertise on Facebook – Successful Social Media Marketing

When social media first started, people thought it was a fad. Now in 2010, we are facing a revolution. Social media has changed the way we use the internet completely. Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites have made the internet personal, dynamic, fun and has made networking much easier. Google is the first most used website in the world, followed by Facebook and then YouTube, which can say a lot of how many people use and trust the social media.Now, let us take a look at the business side of it, starting with Facebook Marketing.There are several social media marketing strategies that can be used to generate business and one of the most popular is Facebook, the most used social media website. There are three methods of Facebook advertising used by big businesses today:Facebook *PPC, the most used Facebook advertising method:
With Facebook marketing, you can target advertising directly to users, depending on their age, country and city of residence, whether they speak french, which school they go to, whether they are male of female, and many more options. This makes it amazingly easy for many businesses to target advertising to their target market.Example: Targeting University of California Santa Barbara students between 21-24 to come to the 21+ new UCSB Jazz Lounge down the street.Facebook Snow Ball Method:
Creating a group for your company allows friends & customers to ‘Like’ your company. This works well for businesses that have a motto, like an energy efficient lighting company could have a motto ‘Go Green’, making more sense for people to Like it, potentially starting the so-called Facebook Group Snow Ball Effect. The snow ball effect occurs when a Facebook user Like’s something and it is posted in their wall (usually happens automatically). All his friends see what he/she Liked and some of them Like it too, then their friends Like it, and it goes on and on, creating a snow ball effect. Get it? Might as well just scroll down and like this article!Of course, it doesn’t hurt to just have a group so people can like a business just for its service.Another popular Facebook marketing method is the Facebook Business Page Method:Instead of just advertising your website with PPC on search engines and private websites, you can advertise your website’s Facebook page. This allows people to ‘subscribe’ with just one click on the “Become a Fan” or “Like” button. This gives you the opportunity to continue advertising to them, in case they don’t convert instantly, avoiding the waste of a paid lead.These three popular Facebook advertising methods are used every day by many successful companies. Facebook advertising has become one of the newest, most effective ways to not only gain new clients, but also stay connected to them and keeping your business dynamic and fresh.There are many more social media websites that offer advertising applications.LinkedIn for example, a social media website for business professionals, has their own *PPC application and Meetup or ASmallWorld have other social features that allow people to advertise. Where to advertise depends on your business. Social media marketing, even just Facebook Marketing, is time consuming, requires planning and maintaining, so make sure you got the right social media marketing experts on your team.*PPC – Stands for Pay-Per-Click and is a method used by various websites as an advertising method, where advertisers pay every time someone clicks on their link. This is one of the methods used by Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn and various other websites to make it more affordable for advertisers. Find out more about search engine marketing.